The Triennial Exhibition of Visual Arts in Rome in 2011 was held in June at the Museum Complex of the L’Agostiniana Gallery, adjacent to the Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo, in the Roman square of the same name.

The event, of international range, received a wide acclaim from critics and the audience, establishing itself as one of the most exciting events in the capital.

The choices of the scientific committee and of the commissioners took different directions, focusing on some separate realities in various rooms.

In the central pavilion was organized an exhibition with a figurative style centered on the findings of the Roman School, where tonality and tactile values were protagonists.

In the pavilion adjacent to the Verginelli Museum instead was created an exhibition of abstract and informal nature, with medium-to-large size works.

In the Architecture section was analyzed the figure of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, in particular the relationships between design and urban planning.

Vince Tempera, Manuela Aureli, Massimo di Cataldo and Marina Occhiena attended as guests.