Artistic Direction of the Edition 2017

Artistic Director and Curator

Gianni Dunil

Art Director and Video Maker, he has collaborated with major organizations and institutions such as the the Sistine, the Theatre of Rome, Theatre Brancaccio, the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, the “Piccolo Teatro of Milan”. His video works are often inspired by the care of the scenographic detail, ranging from art to literary quotations, and they are used as teaching materials adopted by cultural institutes and university.He has been collaborating for years, offering his experience, with the famous filmmaker Cesare Vangeli, director of Lim (the prestigious laboratory of the Musical in Rome), and he has worked with important artists of the world of art and entertainment. Dunil, in setting the theme for the Triennial Exhibition of Rome 2017, says as: “The XXI century, is a millennium open with the word “crisis”, born with the decadence of the end of ‘800 and amplified in the twentieth century by traumas such as world wars, the atomic, disease, Nietzsche’s “death of God.” These factors, together with many others, have created that which could be called the crisis of feelings. In this regard, the exhibition “Aeterna” aims to provide a key that can sublimate in contemporary art the crisis in Beauty and in the Beauty therefore the Eternal “