Exhibition Venues and Opening Times


The Vittoriano Complex
Ala Brasini, Via San Pietro in Chains, Rome


Monday – Thursday 9.30 am > 7.30 pm
Friday – Saturday 9.30 am > 10.00 pm
Sunday 9.30 am > 8.30 pm
Free Entrance
The entrance is allowed until 45 minutes before closing time

The name “Victoriano” comes from Vittorio Emanuele II of Savoy, first King of Italy. Ever since, in 1921, it held the remains of the Unknown Soldier, the monument took on a new symbolic value, and what was initially thought of as a dynastic monument, finally became the symbol of a united Italy and celebration of his freedom.

The basic idea of Sacconi, was this: represent allegorically, but also geographically, all of Italy, by means of symbolic representations.

The monument is owned by the Ministry of Culture and is run (since december 2014) from the Museum Pole of the Lazio region.

Among the different exhibition spaces of the Vittoriano, the exhibition will take place at the Ala Brasini.



Palazzo Velli Expo
Square S. Egidio n.10, Rome


Monday – Friday 11.00 am >7.00 pm
Saturday and Sunday closed
Free Entrance

The building dates from the late XV century, made by important family Velli, incorporating existing buildings of the XIV century. The family was originally linked to the Orsini family in 1409 with one of its members, Stefano Velli.

The palace, located in the heart of Trastevere, currently has the facade restored after the intervention of the sixteenth century, and it opens on Piazza S. Egidio.

The palace has a outside staircase leading to the upper floors, it represents the oldest and most characteristic part the property. In fact, the structure of the external staircase and the lodges belong at the few buildings dating from the XV century, preserved in Rome, and the element of most immediate comparison is the courtyard of the Palazzo Mattei, also with outside staircase.


Foundation Venanzo Crocetti
Via Cassia, 492, Rome


Monday – Friday 11.00 am > 13.00 am- 3.00 pm > 7.00 pm
Saturday 11.00 am > 7.00 pm
Sunday closed
Free Entrance

The “Museum Venanzo Crocetti” includes works of the sculptor, gathered over a period of more than seventy years of creative activity. There are exposed ninety bronze sculptures and one in marble, two paintings on canvas and fifteen drawings and mixed media on paper, dating from 1930 to 1998. Spread over two floors, the museum consists of five rooms for the permanent exhibition and a room devoted to important contemporary art exhibitions.

The Museum is known around the world thanks to the fame of the sculptor Venanzo Crocetti, present in important art exhibitions: from the Venice Biennale to the shows of Italian Art of Brussels, Paris, Bern, Zurich, New York; from the work for the Church of San Paolo in Brazil to the Exhibitions of Contemporary Sculpture in Brussels and Montreal or the Salon d’Automne in Paris; from opening in the seventies to the artistic oriental market with personal in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Fugjsakj Gallery in Sendai, to acquaintance with Boris Piotrovskj, Academic of Art and Director of the Hermitage, he open the prestigious doors of the Museum of St. Petersburg to the master Venanzo Crocetti, and in 1992, he will dedicate to Crocetti a permanent.