The Jury of the Triennial Exhibition of Visual Arts in Rome is composed by Jas Gawronski, Stefania Pieralice and Gianni Lattanzio. The three members have a duty to vote and declare the winning artist of the Triennial 2017.

Jas Gawronski is an Italian journalist and politician. He graduated in Law, he was first a RAI correspondent from New York, Paris, Moscow and Warsaw; he was later curator of cultural, scientific and political programs in the eighties on the Fininvest / Mediaset networks, then he was collaborator of La Stampa. In political career instead, he was first city councilman of Turin, then councilor of Piedmont for the Italian Republican Party, then spokesman of the Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi (1994-1995), senator of the Republic (1996-1999), member of European Parliament for five legislatures (from 1981 to 1994, with the PRI and from 1999 to 2009 with Forza Italia). In January 2012 he was named president of the Quadrennial of Rome.

Stefania Pieralice gratuated in Law at the “Libera Università Maria S.S. Assunta” (Rome) in 2005, achieving full marks. The sperimental thesis in canon law has had as supervisor the famous Italian jurist Prof. Giuseppe Dalla Torre. She serves as President of the cultural Association “La Rosa dei Venti”, since 2007. She was managing editor of several newspapers and she took care prestigious exhibitions of contemporary art in institutional settings, including in 2015, the review of the Pavilion national Guatemala to 56th International Art Exhibition -la Biennale di Venezia. She gives lectures on the art including, in March 2016, the conference took place at the Press Room of the Chamber of Deputies in Rome. He is co-author of the monograph on the painter Guercino, forthcoming.

Gianni Lattanzio press agent to the Chamber of Deputies, is responsible for foreign policy and intercultural dialogue. He is of National General Secretary of the Association “Ambientevivo” and of the Institute for Cooperation with Third Countries (ICPE). He has founded the Cultural Association “Dialogues” of national importance. He publishes articles and interviews in newspapers and national and international journals regarding the issues of bioethics, immigration and the debt of poor Countries, as well as on issues related to national and international institutions, the environment and religions.

A second commission, representing the galleries and consists of Studio C. Luciano Carini, Gallery “La Pigna” UCAI Rome, PrinceArt Gallery of Armando Principe and Veronica Nicoli. Is in charge of giving the “Premio Partner”.

The scientific committee of the exhibition has the burden of assigning the “Lifetime Achievement Award”. The member is: Mario Bernardinello, Dante Fasciolo, Simone Pieralice, Loredana Trestin, Stefano Valeri.