Scientific Committee of the Edition 2017

Artistic Director and Curator

Gianni Dunil

Art Director and Video Maker, he has collaborated with major organizations and institutions such as the the Sistine, the Theatre of Rome, Theatre Brancaccio, the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, the “Piccolo Teatro of Milan”. His video works are often inspired by the care of the scenographic detail, ranging from art to literary quotations, and they are used as teaching materials adopted by cultural institutes and university.He has been collaborating for years, offering his experience, with the famous filmmaker Cesare Vangeli, director of Lim (the prestigious laboratory of the Musical in Rome), and he has worked with important artists of the world of art and entertainment. Dunil, in setting the theme for the Triennial Exhibition of Rome 2017, says as: “The XXI century, is a millennium open with the word “crisis”, born with the decadence of the end of ‘800 and amplified in the twentieth century by traumas such as world wars, the atomic, disease, Nietzsche’s “death of God.” These factors, together with many others, have created that which could be called the crisis of feelings. In this regard, the exhibition “Aeterna” aims to provide a key that can sublimate in contemporary art the crisis in Beauty and in the Beauty therefore the Eternal “

Scientific Committee

Mario Bernardinello

He trained at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera with the masters G. Moro and C. Barbieri. He has exhibited his paintings in both national and international level, gaining a prestige that has lasted for over forty years. He is member of the prestigious “Permanente of Milan”, his works are often beaten at the Christie’s auction in Milan.

Luciano Carini

Great connoisseur of art, directs a historical gallery in Piacenza “Studio C”, artistic meeting place where we point out important names like Carol Rama, Mario Schifano, Mario Sironi, and exhibitions of contemporary art aimed at establishing new trends. In 2015 he was appointed adjunct curator at the 56° Venice Biennale.

Dante Fasciolo

Journalist, writer, director, editor, executive producer. He has completed thirty-five years of experience at the first italian Tv channel “Rai Uno” as the author of various programs. Editor and Director of some press agencies and weekly magazines, monthly, quarterly.
Photographer, he has participated in the production of photo books and exhibitions-performance in environmental and natural character. He also holds the position of Genral Secretary of the Movement Azzurro, environmental association for peace, justice, human rights, solidarity, organization recognized by the Ministry.

Carlo Marraffa

After serving for years professional assignments of responsibility with Eni Group, he was then dedicated to his greatest passion: photography, inspired by David LaChapelle. Currently, in addition to teaching the art of photography, he is director of the Galleria La Pigna (UCAI, Rome) Palazzo Vicariate Maffei Marescotti.
Journalist, specializing in the treatment of contemporary artists, working with Vatican Radio. In 2015 he was appointed curator of the 56° Venice Biennale. He was invited with his work at the next Venice Biennale of 2017.

Simone Pieralice

Young Art Director, he has gained experience in the field by attending internship at very prestigious foreign museums, among which the fundamental experience with the Metropolitan Museum in New York. He is engaged, since 2007, in the coordination of the activities of the Art Studio Radini Tedeschi, providing expert advice in the historical and artistic field. He has collaborated in the curating of exhibitions held at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and he collaborated in previous editions of the Triennial Exhibition of Visual Arts in Rome. In 2015 he was appointed by the Ministry of Culture of Guatemala adjunct curator at National Pavilion at the 56° Venice Biennale.

Loredana Trestin

Born in Genoa, always she takes care of the art, both as a teacher of contemporary art and painting disciplines,both as a gallerist and curator of artistic events. In 2013 she became chairman of the Association Divulgarti, founded with the aim of promoting and organizing exhibitions and events in Italy and abroad. She recently began collaborating with important exhibition spaces in Glasgow and was named curator of the “Dolomiti Art Biennale” in 2016, an event that embraces artists from all over the world with a special appearance by Yoko Ono.

Stefano Valeri

He carries out his teaching activities at the Department of Art History and spectacle of the University of Rome “La Sapienza.” He collaborated in the activities of the Laboratory Museum of Contemporary Art of “La Sapienza” from 1992 to 1996, under the direction of Prof. Maurizio Calvesi. He is Scientific curator of the Archives of Lionello Venturi, section of the Department of Art History and spectacle.
He is part of the Board of trustees of the Palazzo Albizzini, Burri Collection, Citta di Castello. He is co-director of the study series “Scultura del Cinquecento”; is editor of the magazine “Storia dell’arte”; he was a member of the Scientific Committee of prestigious exhibitions and conference.