Triennial Exhibition of Visual Arts in Rome


The Triennial Exhibition of Visual Arts in Rome is a registered trademark managed by the Start srls company since 2015.


The Start company presides over the entire event and appoints an artistic director every three years with the aim of indicating the theme, selecting the artists and drawing up the official catalogue.

The current Artistic Director for the 2020 edition is Mario Bernardinello, who took over from Gianni Dunil, who finished his assignement in 2017.


Daniele Radini Tedeschi and Stefania Pieralice

Artistic Direction

Mario Bernardinello


Gianni Dunil (Italy), Simone Pieralice (Italy), Jacobe M.Durant (France), John Mc Paul (U.S.A.), Elsie Wunderlich (Guatemala), Arnold Schulz (Germany) Wilehlm H. Asselborn (Luxembourg), Mikel Gjokaj (Kosovo) Ilaria Mantori Costantini (Switzerland), 明橋本 (Japan)